Mobile App Development

Tech Amigoz is a leading Mobile App development company, offering a wide variety of Mobile App Development services from small to medium sized businesses to highly advanced cross platform mobile apps for large enterprises

Android Application Development

Creating an Android application means developing a complicated multifunctional product based on the Linux kernel. Android app development is very much in demand now as more than half of all gadgets use this particular OS.

iOS Applications Development

iOS is the most innovative Operating System developed by Apple that runs on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Nowadays, the iOS application development scenario is very enthusiastic and has an extremely shining future due to the success of the iPhone.

Windows Mobile Development

Windows Mobile is the famous compact Mobile Operating System for mobile devices, developed by Microsoft that consists of basic applications for such mobile devices as Smart phones, Pocket PC, Portable Media Centers and on-board computers for certain automobiles.

iPad Application Development

iPad, an Apple product, is the advanced smart device that designed to support a lot of newly intentional appliactions. iPad has grabbed the world’s attention due to its outstanding features like 9.7 inch high resolution touch screen, multi-tasking and multimedia functionalities.

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